The Story of Ginger

A group of colleagues at an audio company based out of Chicago (that shall remain nameless) once banded together to melt faces at a lunchtime concert.  This "onwork bandsmanship" led them to form Ginger.  With a vocalist who has been told countless times that she should be on American Idol, a guitarist that was informed he was "as good as, if not better than" Kim Thayil by the Soundgarden guitarist's own mother, a pointy-guitar aficionado, an accomplished classical pianist with an affinity for keytar, a drummer fabled to cause tumescence in certain listeners, and a bass player, Ginger brings the thunder with your favorite rock hits from the late 70s and early 80s.  Ginger's main claim to fame was a spot shown on the revered music channel, Fox Business. We also have really great mics for some reason . . . 

Ginger J (Cheryl Jennison Daproza) - Vocals

Ginger S (Gino Sigismondi) - Guitar

Ginger B (Justin Boller) - Guitar

Ginger L (Cat Lai) - Keyboards

Ginger T (Cris Tapia) - Bass

Ginger K (Matt Koschak) - Drums